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SVR 30m²
Hard trance
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Ruslan aka SM.

Collector of vinyl since 1996.

DJ career began with such styles as "house, technolectro, hard trance".

Over the past twenty years, the greatest preference is given to drum & bass strictly on vinyl and following labels: Moving Shadow, Ram, Virus, V-recordings, Infrared, Renegade Hardware, Hospital, BC, Prototype, DSC14, Trouble on vinyl, Metalheadz, 31, Full Cycle, Creative Source. Since 2009 resident of the project "Disconion". Since 2017 resident of the project "Strictly vinyl room 30 m²." Events for true connoisseurs of old broken rhythms and exceptionally vinyl sound.  

Clubs, festivals, raves, radiostations in different cities and artists came to play with someone in 26 years of musical career were many enough not to list everyone.

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