Vegetarian menu

Home-made bread with feeling on your-

-fried onion
-fresh basil
-provence herbs
-black and green olives
Pate with grilled eggplants and garlic
Brochette  with tomato, fennel, fresh coriander and mozzarella cheese.  
Сhicory with tomato-avocado guacamole.
Сrudités-paprika, zucchini, carrots, sellery, cherry tomato,-

cucumber, garlic you gut, herbs, tomato-basil salsa.
Home-made falafel and hummus with black olives and olive oil.
Medallions of cucumber with beetroot  and walnuts mouse .
Compliment spoon;
-mozzarella, tapenade from olives and tomato.
-backed spanish onion with thyme.
Grilled peach with gorgonzola cheese
Cheese carnation -”tete de moin” with strawberry
Antipasti grilled vegetables; fresh vegetables marinated in herb-

balsamic dressing with rocket salad.
Beetroot boiled vegetables and kidney beans.
Avocado and grilled  champignons.
Tabbouleh- (couse couse and parsley salad).
Herbs, tomato, couse couse,lemon juice.
Three bean salad; red onion, dressing, white beans, kidney beans,-

French beans.
White radish,chives and balsamic dressing.
Cream soup from wild mushrooms
Cream soup from spinach, coconaut milk and ginger.
Red lentil tomato karri soup, with cocoanut milk.
Soup from acorns and shallots with white wine.
Cabbage stew with prunes and clove.
Vegetarian risotto with white mushrooms and cherry tomato.

Zucchini  and carrot spaghetti, onion and soya meat.
Bulgur with grilled vegetables, white wine and herbs.
Ebly with steam vegetables, fresh cherry tomato and saffron.
Saj-filled flatbread with, feta cheese, fresh spinach, spring onion oil
Tjin-mushrooms, potato, chick peas, corn, tomato, carrots.
Wild rice backed with garlic, carrots and onion.
Ratatouille; stew of vegetables with white wine, province herbs, tomato sauce and garlic.
Creamy mush potato with vanilla, spring onion, poached broccoli, truffle oil,red onion and balsamic jam.
Potato creamy cratin  with cheese and onion.
Vegetable cratin from zucchini, eggplant, tomato, onion and paprika stew.
Millefeuille  from polenta and grilled vegetables with cheese and creamy coriander sauce.
Chocolate  pudding
Backed  pear with nuts and dried fruits.
Backed marzipan, poached plums, cream cheese ,berry sauce.
In wine glass, pure of strawberry, banana and yogurt.
Sweet polenta with dried apricots and prunes.

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