French kitchen


Parisian bouillabaisse

Mussel-saffron soup

Creamy chanterelle soup with cheese straw


Frog legs salad  with parsley and garlic

Octopus capriccio with herbs and garlic

Lemon marinated scallops and fried mushrooms

Smoked salmon roll filled with grayfish

Carpaccio of beef filet and  artichoke

Avocado stuffed with shrimps

Broccoli and carrot terrine with yogurt herb sauce


Care of Mutton rosemary sauce

Filled chicken leg, champignon  sauce

Fish flambé in salt

Chicken fricassee


Chocolate tart with marinated rasberries

Fresh fruits with sabayon sauce seasoned with Amaretto

Caramel cream spiced with Grand Marnier Liqueu

Apple honey crepes

Thousand leaf with vanilla sauce

Chocolate cream with coffee sauce

Raspberry  parfait

Clafouti:baked French dessert with fruits.Dusted with powdered sugar.

Arabian kitchen



Black eyed beans,borlotti beans,cannellini beans,lemon juice,red onion,fresh chilli,chives,coriander,paprika,black olives,harissa,mint,olive oil V

  • Main course:

-BAKED AUBERGINE,sliced tomato,coats cheese,chopped parsley,olive oil V


-HERB COUSCOUS:Couscous,pesto,parsley,coriander,mint,lemon juice V

-RICE PILAFF:Rice,red onion,parsley,coriander,sumac,olive oil V

-ROASTED VEGETABLES:Red and yellow pepper,courgettes,red onion,dried thyme,dried oregano,olive oil V

-SILK ROUTE CHICKEN:Diced chicken,cinnamon stick,tumeric,hungarian paprika,cumin

-LAMB KOFTA:Minced lamb,tomato paste,cooked herb couscous,tumeric,dried chilli, paprika,cumin,chives,parsley,tomato sauce.

-TOMATO SAUCE:Chopped tomatoes,tomato paste,chopped onions,cumin,hungarian paprika,cumin V.

-FALAFEL AND MINT:Hummus, olives, olive oil, pita bread,traditional falafel balls, fresh parsley

  •  Wraps:

Roasted vegetables: Feta cheese, spinach, dried apricot, yoghurt and chili. V

Tuna: Tuna fish, spring onion, sweet paprika, rocket salad, french beans.

Lamb: Grilled lamb, couscous, vegetables, lemon juice, yoghurt.

Chicken: Grilled chicken, yoghurt, hummus, fresh cucumber and tomato, lemon juice.

Mince: Lamb mince, red onion, pine nuts, spinach, apples and yoghurt.



-BAKLAVA:Sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.

Chinese kitchen

  • Salad:

Cabbage salad with tomatoes Cabbage, tomatoes, leeks, celery, soy sauce, lemon juice

soup with shrimp and tofu

soup with ginger, shrimp and tofu.

soup with pork
Soup made from thinly sliced pork fillet, cabbage, fresh ginger, green onions and Chinese noodles.

  • Main course:

 Chinese noodles or rice with:

  • Pork, eggs, soya sauce, garlic, common mushrooms, honey, spring onion.

  • Duck, red peppers, leek, ginger, sweet chili sauce, eggs, peas, parsley.

  • Sea Food, king shrimps, eggs, garlic, soya sauce, sweet corn, dill.

  • Vegetables, eggs, capsicum, red onion, sweet corn, common mushrooms, leek, carrot, pea, sweet chili sauce, garlic. V

  • Dim-sum traditional.

  • Dessert:

Banana / apple fried in pastry


Finnish kitchen

-Sour cream, red onions, black bread, Lapland cheese -V

Toast Skagen:Fresh salad, toast, shrimp, mayonnaise, green, red caviar.

Salmon soup:salmon fillet, potatoes, greens, onions, cream.
Fresh Bread

Baked pork:Pork neck, boiled potato, pepper souse
Beetroot cutlets:beetroot,prunes. onion


chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, raspberry sauce.


Italian kitchen



  • Farfalle: cream, mustard, onion, white wine,common mushrooms, fresh basil, peeled tomato, chicken, garlic and Parmesan.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese: mince meat, onion, tomato, fresh basil and cheese.

  • Penne: cherry tomatoes, cream, white wine, shallot onions and mozzarella cheese. V

  • Fusilli: ham, roasted vegetables, salami, basil pesto, pine nuts and cheese.

  • Rigatoni:common mushrooms, spinach, cream fresh, herbs and cheese. V

  • Tagliatelle:salmon, white wine, garlic, cream, cheese and dill.

  • Linguine: chicken, curry, cream, garlic, fresh tomatoes and cheese.

  • Free color pasta: cream, shrimps, white wine, garlic, parsley, salmon, olives and cheese.

  • Agnolotti: spinach, ham, leek, cheese, cream and parsley.

  • Tortellini: cheese, basil, cream, tomato sauce and garlic. V

  • Seafood pasta Mussels cooked in white wine, charlot onions, cream, chili, garlic and parsley. Served with tagliatelle pasta.

  • Lasagna: Lasagna pasta filled with tomato and white sauce, cheese, mince and vegetables. Topped Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs.

  • Cannelloni: Stuffed cannelloni pasta with spinach, bacon, cream sauce. Cooked and topped with melted cheese, tomatoes and dill.


  • Tuna fish, ham, olives, pepper, onion, dill.

  • Salmon, asparagus, leek, lime, dill, spring onion.

  • Shrimps, pineapples, mushroom, peppers, garlic.

  • Chicken, corn, pineapples, tomato, bacon.

  • Chicken, blue cheese, peach, mozzarella, leek, bacon.

  • Salami, mushroom, olives, sun-dried tomato, spring onion.

  • Ham, salami, mince meat, mushroom, red onion, tomato, garlic, Parmesan.

  • Mushrooms, onion, pepper, Parmesan. V

  • Blue cheese, cauliflower, baby mozzarella, garlic, truffle oil, parsley. V


Japanese kitchen

Traditional miso soup - broth, soybean paste, tofu and seaweed.

-Sushi with salmon
Maki rolls:Maki-rolls with salmon(Rice, nori seaweed, salmon, cucumber)
Maki-rolls with tofu cheese(Rice, nori seaweed, tofu, cucumber)
Maki-rolls with crab sticks(Rice, nori seaweed, crab sticks, cucumber)
Maki-rolls with shrimp(Rice, nori seaweed, shrimp, cucumber)
Maki-rolls with cucumber V
California Roll with salmon in sesame(Rice, seaweed, nori, sesame seeds, salmon, cucumber, avocado)
wassabi, pickled ginger,soy sauce.

Mexican kitchen

Mexican corn soup

Chicken ,onion,Chili pepper ,milk ,corn ,dill                      


Mozzarella cheese,tortilla,chicken ore shrimps,rice,soue cream,tomato salsa,garlic,jalapeno,oregano,ajoli

Fresh mexican salad:Lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, yellow peppers, canned red beans, olive oil V

Chocolate mousse

Nepalese kitchen


ALOO CHOP:Nepali potato pancake marinated in fresh herbs and fried

Salad :KUKHURA KARESHA BARI BBQ chicken breast ,cherry tomatoes,romaine lettuce served with Himalayan dressing

PHARSI-KO RASH:Fresh pumpkin soup garnished with fresh coriander V

Naan bread (traditional Indian bread)


Mixed kebab (lamb,chicken,fish) made with Chefs own ingredient.

PRAWN-KO SEKUWA:Barbecued king prawns with garlic marinated in light nepali spices.

MASHA RAJA JANAKPURI:Fish cooked in a special curry sauce.

KUKHURA LALI GURASH:Delicacy of barbecued Chicken cooked in smooth fresh tomato and honey sauce.

KHASI GORKHALI:Tender lamb sauteed with onion ,tomato,capsicum,ginger and garnished with fresh coriander.

DAL SHAHI PARIWAR:Mixed lentil simmered on slow fire,seasoned with garlic and ginger.

PENEER LALI GURASH:Home made cottage cheese cubes cooked in butter,fresh tomato sauce ,honey,cream and garnished with fresh coriander V

Jasmin Rice

Raito:Yoghurt, Coriander, mint, cucumber, lime juice.


LASSI:Home made yoghurt drink  blended with choice of fruit

Nepali tea or coffee  with milk and spices

Russian kitchen

Marinated mushrooms


Herring under fur coat:herring, beets, potatoes, carrots, eggs, mayonnaise

Solyanka:Beef, deli meat, carrots, onions, pickles, tomato paste, capers, fresh herbs, olives

Borscht traditional beetroot soup on beef bone stock.
traditional dark bread.

Pork in the pot

Pork, potatoes, carrots, onion, cheese, mayonnaise

Salmon baked in salt

Salmon, salt, fennel

 * With mushrooms V

 * With ham, cheese, tomatoes

* home made jam
* Sweet cottage cheese
* Honey


Jelly Berry

Served with whipped cream

cheese cake with apples

"Kvas" traditional bread drink with yearst.

German kitchen
Boiled egg, potato and traditional cream fresh herb sauce.
German scramble eggs-omelet with tomato and toast.
Herring, apples, marinated cucumbers, cream fresh, mayonnaise,onion,boiled potato.
Whole trout, lemon, dill, spices, champagne, boiled potato, creamy sauce with tomato and herbs .
Jager; breaded pork, champignons , tomato.
Zigoiner; breaded pork, fresh paprika, onion, tomato.
Wiener Schnitzel; breaded meat of calf, champignons, cream.
Cordon blue; cheese and ham wrapped in pork meat and breded.
Cooked in dark beer back leg of pork with garlic. Served with red cabbage strew and potato knöbel .
Steam dumpling “maultaschen” stuffed with pork meat and onions. On the side; tomato and truffle oil.
Open pie with cream fresh backed on the stone;
Flammkuchen; pastry, cream fresh, onion,leek,becon.
Flammkuchen; pastry, cream fresh, slices of beef, rocked salad, dark beer dressing.
Potato basket stuffed with grilled vegetables, fresh coriander, cucumbers, yogurt and lolo-rosso salad.
Pancakes with home made orange jam and cream fresh.
Apples, sultanas, mint, cinnamon wrapped in backed puff pastry. Served with home- made vanilla ice cream.
Apples backed with marzipan and walnuts.


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