• Wonton: fried pastry, mascarpone cheese, and vanilla. Served with fresh berries and raspberry sauce.

  • Crème Brûlée: eggs, berries selection baked in cream. Served with burning sugar and fresh fruits.

  • Panna Cotta: strawberry and gelatin boiled in cream and milk. Served with vanilla sauce.

  •  Ice cream Selection: Handmade mint, white chocolate, basil ice cream in almond basket. Served with chocolate.

  • Chocolate Ganache: Chocolate cake with eggs, butter, strawberry, ice cream. Served hot.

  • Puff pastry and fruits : Puff pastry stuffed with fruits, whipped cream and cherry juice.

  • Vanilla Form: made it from whipped cream, gelatin and vanilla. Served with strawberry sauce.

  • Handmade Savories with dark chocolate and chili, white chocolate and oregano, pine nuts and sultanas.

  • Strudel: apples with sultanas and mint, wrapped in fried kataifi pastry. Served with mascarpone cheese and berry sauce.

  • Mousse: Mousse made from dark, milk and white chocolate. Served with fresh strawberry.

   Hot waffle and ice cream. Served with caramel sauce

  • Ice cream and juice cocktail. Served with fruits.

  • Rice and mango pudding. Served with ice cream and cherry sauce.

  • Blueberry Muffins, served with iced sugar.

  • Cinnamon and Cheese: mille-feuille of brown dried bread, mascarpone cheese, brandy, lemon or lime peel. Topped with milk chocolate and roasted almonds.

  • Tiramisù-Italian dessert with mascarpone cheese, eggs, cold, strong coffee, bisquits, cognac.Served with fresh strawberries.Sprinkle with grated chocolate and cocoa powder.

  • Pear dessert :  milled pear with liquid caramel, covered with puff pastry.
    Served with ice cream.

  • Chocolate basket with a sauce of mascarpone,whipped cream with orange peel and juice.Served with orange chips,fresh mint and ice cream.

  •  Meringue with baked pineapple and walnuts, fried in sugar.Served with mint.

  • Banoffee - english pastry-based dessert made from bananas, homemade caramel sauce, butter, melted dark chocolate. Served with whipped cream,fresh mint and  strawberries

  • Charlotte pie-sweet pie with apples and cinnamon, baked in pastry. Served with whipped cream.

  • "Pavlova" Dessert, is made of meringue, whipped cream, the top layer of berries or of tropical fruits slices.

  • Finnish traditional thick pancakes in the oven, served with a scoop of ice cream, jam or maple syrup.



  • Caramel: cream, burning sugar.

  • Vanilla: cream, eggs, vanilla pots.

  • Strawberry: sugar and fresh strawberry.

  • Brandy: cream brandy, chocolate.

  • Sea-Buckthorn Berries: cream, vanilla, chili, sugar.

  • Mixed Berries: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, sugar.


Chocolate fondue
Chocolate fondue ,served with biscuit and fresh soft fruits,
as well as walnuts and Brazil nuts

White Chocolate Fondue
Served with fresh berries.

Fondue with champagne
Fondue with champagne, heavy cream, lemon peel,

served with strawberries and soft fruits.

Fondue with raspberry meringue
Crushed and rubbed with powdered sugar raspberry, kiwi and served with meringue




 Strawberry. Whipped cream,mixed with fresh strawberries,topped with balsamic glaze and mint.

    Peach. Slice of  homemade peach jelly,served with biscuit,fresh peach and raspberry sauce.

    Pineapple. Backed pineapple in brandy,served in class ball with coconut flakes,mascarpone cheese and cowberry.

    Vanilla.Vanilla seeds,whipped cream,mascarpone cheese,served with fresh blueberry in chocolate basket.

    Cherry.Cherry , mixed with star anise,vanilla and cinnamon syrup,topped with quark and orange chips served in biscuit cup.

    Mango.Cubes of  homemade mango jelly ,served on "compliment spoon" with lime peel and physalis.

    Banana.Fresh cuted bananas,mixed with passion fruit seeds,kiwi and topped with goat cheese cream and vanilla,served on the glass ball.

    Chocolate. Slice of homemade white chocolate and cream jelly with biscuit ,served with strawberry sauce


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