Weekly buffet

Italian Day
-Pasta Bolognese:Pasta spaghetti,traditional bolognese souce,cheese

-Shrimps soup
-Vanilla souse and fruits

Trip to Mexico
-Buritto:Mozzarella cheese,tortilla,chicken shrimps,rice,smetana,salsa,garlic,jalapeno
-Pea soup
-Chocolate mousse

 Taste of india
-Karri bar:Jasmine rice,raito,papadamus bread,butter chicken,kofta balls in tomato souse
-Chicken  and noodle soup
-Peach and caramel souce
American style
french fries
-Salmon soup
-Ice cream
All about Finland
-Baked pork:

Pork neck,boiled potato,pepper souce.
-Sausage soup

-fresh baked bread

Weekend buffet

  • Meat:

    • Pork back leg with spices and baked around 22 hours.

    • Baby pork stuffed with grilled vegetables.

    • Beef fillet:breaded in spices and grilled.

  • Fish:

    • Tilapia fish backed with pineapple, tomato and cheese.

    • Marinated salmon served with cucumber skin.

  • Vegetables: V

    • Baked skin on potato wedges with rosemary and garlic.

    • Fried vegetables with butter and herbs.

    • Rice with red onion, olive oil, herbs and butter.

  • Salads:

    • Grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, fresh iced salad.Served with basil pesto and cherry tomatoes.

  • Strawberry:Lollo rosso, red onion, rocket salad,cucumber and strawberry.Served with honey and lemon dressing. V

  • Fruit:fruits chopped together with lemon juice and mint.

  • Dessert:Pastry mixed with fruits and spices.Fried in the oil, served with iced sugar.

Group Menu

  • 1:

    • Beetroot soup:fried vegetables, vegetable stock and cream.Served with fresh herbs and backed puff pastry on the top.

    • Grilled beef medallions with butter and spices. served with stuffed tomatoes, veg couscous and green peppercorn sauce.

    • Puff pastry strudel,stuffed with apples, sultanas and brandy.Served with ice cream and vanilla sauce.

  •  2

    • Coriander Purée Soup:vegetables cream and coriander.Served with croutons.

    • Baked salmon with roasted vegetables, garlic and mashed potato.Served with cream and Gorgonzola cheese sauce.

    • Puff pastry stuffed with fruits and whipped cream,

    • served with caramel sauce.

German traditional buffet

Beef soup with herb pancakes
Potato soup with dill
Beef and vegetable casserole.
Pureed soup with cauliflower on bone stock.

Cucumber- fresh cucumbers,spices,white onion,dill –V
Cabbage-white cabbage,spices,fresh herbs.
Carrots- carrots,orange juice,honey-V
Potato-boiled potato,marinated cucumber,spring onion,dill,muster,dressing.
Zucchini-fresh zucchini,white balsamico,spices,herbs.
Three colors-white cabbage,carrots,onion,paprika,balsamico vinegar.

Poached french beans,fried white onion,spices,melted butter.
Caramelized apple , spices, bay levees Fried leek ,backed pie nuts, soaked sultanas in red wine.
Home-made spätzle, fried chanterelle,onion, bread crams, creamy souce-V
Stew from cabbage,onion,juniper berry-V
Pumpkin cooked with garlic and olive oil-V
Cherry tomato backed with vanilla and rosemary-V
Trickled pastries,”knobel”, potato strach, spices, parsley.
Whole eggplant cooked on grill with olive oil and garlic-V

Fried curry sausage with traditional Frankfurt tomato sauce.
Roast beef with red wine sauce.
Beef breast in weekly marinade with creamy sauce and smoked salt.
Back leg of beef,muster ,onion, red wine sauce.
Grilled medallions of calf with sage and parma ham.
Pulled blade bone of pork backed in beer with garlic and spices.Wicky sauce.
Codfish in shaved potato with spices and garlic yogurt.
Salmon steaks wrapped in pancakes with creamy spinach sauce.
Potato cakes, onion, nutmeg, cream fresh, cold smoked salmon, dill.
Chicken breast marinated in basil with spices, corn starch and white wine vinegar.
Turkey breast backed with chili, flower, and tandoor paste.
Stuffed goose,apple and orange. Rubed with sagebrush.

Chocolate pudding:cream fresh,cacao, vanilla.
German mousse in cups with biscuit and forest berries.


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