• Handmade focaccia bread, stuffed with cherry tomato.

  • Served with garlic butter and herbs V

  • Baked bread  V:

-with butter, dill,onions:served with melted cheese in the basket.

-with anchovy butter:brandy,lemon juice, garlic, classic English sauce HP, anchovies.
-chili butter:chili ,butter, lemon juice, parsley

  • Handmade buns served with red caviar butter and herbs.

Antipasto: olives, artichoke, sun-dried tomato,

sliced Italian ham selection, marinated field mushroom,

chili and balsamico melon.


Fruits and Cheese

  • Fruits: Carambola, pomegranate, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, orange tangerine, peach, cherry, melon, apple, grape, physalis, passion fruit, mango, blueberry, plum, kiwi.

  • Cheese: Taleggio, gorgonzola, Parmesan, brie, goat's milk cheese, feta, Philadelphia, mascarpone, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, pecorino, Scamorza, Provolone, manchego,roses from Tête de Moine

  • Starters

  • Lamprey: Marinated fish, cooked with vegetables, lime juice, spices and herbs.Served cold.

  • Fish Cake:Cake made from white bread, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, olives,lemon,tiger shrimps, salmon, octopus and red caviar.

  • Salmon Roses: Salmon cooked on the steam with smoked salmon, spices and fennel.Served with puff pastry, roasted vegetables, orange sauce.

  • Snails and Vodka: Snails without skin fried in butter with fennel and Anyżówka vodka. Served in phyllo pastry basket,baked cherry tomatoes on the side, red wine sauce and fresh basil.

  • Shrimps and Garlic:Fresh shrimps fried in garlic olive oil, served on the hot plate with fresh parsley.

  • Tiger Shrimps: Marinated shrimps wrapped in kataifi pastry and fried in the deep fryer.Served with soya and chili sauce.

  • Fish Cakes:Salmon mixed with potato, red onion, herbs.Fried in the deep fryer.Served with sweet chili sauce.

  • Fish Pie:Sea food mix, eggs, vegetables boiled in cream sauce. Served with puff pastry on the top.

  • Meat Cake:Made from selection of smoked and baked meat, black bread, mayonnaise and rosted vegetables.

  • Beef Carpaccio:sliced beef topped with Parmesan cheese, capers, rocket salad and truffle oil.

  • Steak Tartare:Fresh beef fillet, shallot onion, chili, cornichons, anchovies, spices, egg. Served with white toast and shot of vodka.

  • Lamb and Vegetables: tomatoes stuffed with cooked lamb and vegetables, served with blender pea cream.

  • Courgette and Mince:Stuffed courgette with mince,tomatoes, onions,herbs and cheese.

  • Jacket Potato:Potato stuffed with cheese, butter, herbs.Served with cherry tomatoes and mushroom's sauce. V

  • Bruschetta:baked bread topped with filled tomatoes,onions, garlic, olive oil, mozzarella cheese. V

  • Eggplant:Aubergine stuffed with olives, capsicum,red onion, garlic, mushrooms, and Gorgonzola cheese. V

  • Vegetable Tartar:Boiled vegetables in tomato stock with gelatin. Served with salad and lime dressing. V

  • Pastry and Shot of Soup: Puff pastry stuffed with feta, Gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese, cooked on the pan. Served with shot of cream curry tomato soup. V

  • Ratatoui:Fried white onions and eggplant boiled with chopped tomatoes, red paprika, lime juice, courgette, fresh thyme. Garnished with fresh basil. V

  • Cucumber Carpaccio with Salmon.Rolls of smoked salmon stuffed with lemon cream cheese and fresh herbs.
    Server with rocket salad, cucumber and cold sauce.

  • Duck terrine with vegetables, wrapped in a leek.Served with blueberry jelly,saffron sauce, pear cider and caviar of fried eggplant.

  • Snacks

  • Garlic Bread:fried black bread, served with fresh garlic and deep sauce. V

  • Chicken Wings:chicken baked in different spices and garlic. Served with chili sauce.

  • Breaded Cauliflower:fried in deep fryer, served with mustard sauce. V

  • Onion Rings:breaded onion rings fried in oil, served with tomato sauce. V

  • French Fries:traditional french potato, served with mayonnaise and spring onion. V

  • O Brains:fried or baked potato wedges with skin and garlic.Served with sour cream. V

  • Pork Ribs: Baked pork ribs in barbecue sauce with chopped garlic.

  • Squid Rings:fried in the oil, served with tartar sauce.

  • Cheese Balls: fried in the deep fryer, served with curry sauce. V

  • Meat Balls:Oven cooked meat balls, served with paprika sauce.

  • Bread Strokes:baked bread with garlic and herb pesto, served with mushroom sauce. V

  • Falafel:Beans with red onion and herbs, fried in the deep fryer. Served with hummus. V

  • Fresh blended  basil ,garlic,spices,pie nuts ,cream and Parmesan cheese.Stuffed in cherry tomato and served in "compliment spoon" with baked almonds.

    Tuna fish, mixed with filled fresh orange,mascarpone cream cheese.Served on the glass ball,topped with black bread,orange zest and basil leaves.

    Beetroot:Boiled and blended beetroots ,mixed with cream cheese ,whipped cream and parsley.Served on the white toast with backed walnuts.

    Foie Gras and Plums.Coocked liver of the goose,marinated in port wein and wrapped in soaked dried plums.Served on the slice of backed baguette,topped with truffle oil.

    Cauliflower:Cooked and blended cauliflower with white onion,fresh herbs.Mixed with whipped cream.Served on the puff pastry with black sesame seeds.

    Avocado:Avocado, mixed with white onions ,garlic,chili,lime juice and coriander.Served on the slice of anchovies and roasted bell peepers puff pastry.

    Cheese  flowers and fruits.Cheese "tete de moin",served on the sticks with fresh dark grape and physalis V

    Bree cheese ,wetted in the butter and breaded in peper cookies,served on the sticks with grapes.

    Smoked Lamb Fillet and Mint.Sliced Hot smocked lamb fillet ,served on the homemade mint jelly.

    Parma ham and  melon.Backed and wrapped in parmaham a ball of the fresh cantaloupe melon.Served in the glass cup with basil pesto.

    Ananas and bacon.Pineapple ,wrapped in pork salted bacon and backed.Served on the sticks.


Smocked Chicken.Blended chicken mixed with cheese cream and spices,

served on the white toast with fresh parsley.

Smocked Salmon.Slices of cold smocked salmon ,served  on the  cream cheese toast with herb olive oil,dill and fresh  lemon.

Marinated Salmon.Rose of Salmon,marinated with spring onion,coriander,

spices over the night.Served on the white toast with slice of lime and dill.

Shrimps.Blended shrimps with fresh chili,coriander,lime juice and cream cheese.Served on the slice of fresh cucumber.Topped with lemon zest.


  • Fruit Salad:fruit selection with lemon juice and chopped fresh mint. V

  • Chicken Breast:Grilled chicken breast, served with lollo rosso, red onion, mustard dressing and cherry tomato.

  • Couscous:Couscous soaked in orange juice and zest.Served with roasted pine nuts, fresh herbs and grilled vegetables.V

  • Duck Brest:Marinated in chili sauce,cooked and sliced.Served with fresh mixed salad,fresh peach and cherry sauce.

  • Caesar:Grilled chicken served with ice lettuce, garlic croutons, cherry tomatoes dressing and Parmesan.

  • Beef:Beef fillet cooked on the grill, served with white onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and saffron sauce.

  • House salad:grilled goat's cheese on the toast with tomato, served with salad leaves,grapes and herb dressing. V

  • Salmon Rolls:cheese and mixed herbs wrapped in smoked salmon, served with lollo rosso, red onion and garlic olive oil.

  • Coated with breadcrumbs cheese:fried cheese served with mixed salad, grape,lemon and honey dressing. V

  • Shrimps:grilled shrimps mixed with mayonnaise,lollo rosso and lemon zest.Served with fresh dill.

  • Salmon:baked salmon served with fresh salad,cherry tomatoes,basil pesto and handmade lemon and paprika caviar.

  • Salmon Rose:marinated salmon, served with mixed salad, poached quail eggs,mayonnaise and cheese pastry.

  • Farmer's Salad:beef pork, chicken breast, turkey, salmon ,shrimp or breaded cheese, lettuce, eggs, red onion, roasted bacon, fresh tomatoes, french green beans, dressing.


  • Truffle:five type of mushrooms fried and boiled with vegetables. Served with fresh dill,sour cream. V

  • Seafood:Squids, shrimps, mussels, baby octopus, salmon, filled tomato.

  • Pea, mint and vegetables.Served with black caviar,crème fraîche, truffle oil and puff pastry.

  • Pumpkin boiled in cream with curry.Served in baby pumpkin ball and Bloody Mary shot. V

  • Cauliflower boiled in cream. served with whipped milk, mushroom oil and cheese pastry. V

  • Potato boiled with cream and leek. Served with garlic croutons and parsley. V

  • Four types of cheese with cream. Served with sliced tomato bread. V

  • Acorn soup with white wine, cream, white onion,vegetable stock.V

  • Tomato and baby mozzarella:Fresh tomatoes and vegetables.Served with mozzarella balls and basil. V

  • Lamb and coriander:Baked and boiled lamb shanks with vegetables, served with fresh coriander.

  • Main Course

  • Medium Chicken:Skeleton taken off from medium chicken and filled with grilled vegetables.Cooked chiken can be served for 4 person.Served with shaved basil cheese and cream pineapple sauce.

  • Baby Chicken and Sultanas:Baby chicken stuffed with carrots, sultanas,cinnamon.Fresh chopped vegetables on the side and mushroom sauce.

  • Cheese and Chicken Rolls:Gorgonzola cheese and filled tomato wrapped inside the chicken fillet.Served with vanilla mashed potato, orange sauce.

  • Silk Route Chicken:Ginger and sliced chicken cooked with white onion, cinnamon, coconut milk.Served with blanched vegetables, filled tomato, cucumber and herb pesto.

  • Bulgar and Chicken:Grilled chicken with cherry tomato and zucchini. Served with buttered bulgur and cold saffron sauce.

  • Chicken Breast and Bacon:Chicken breast stuffed with cheese, butter and dill.Wrapped in the bacon.Served with mustard sauce, boiled vegetables.

  • Chicken in the Coconut Milk:Sliced chicken breast marinated in coconut milk and grilled with vegetables.Served with rice, rocket salad,cherry tomatoes,curry sauce.

  • Chicken Legs and Apple:Fried apples and mint,wrapped in chicken leg and puff pastry. Served with baked herb potato, cheese, cream sauce and shaved red wine cheese.

  • Quail:Skeleton taken off and stuffed with beef mince,bacon, vegetables.Served with mushroom sauce.

  • Legs and Orange:Duck legs cooked with orange,spices.Served with tarragon mashed potato,roasted peppers,red wine sultana and cabbage mix.

  • Whole Duck:Duck stuffed with apple,cooked in red wine,served with baked wegetables and wild rice.

  • Turkey Rolls:Apples,cheese, fresh mint wrapped in turkey legs and cooked on the grill. Served with buckwheat, fillet cucumber, sauce of burning vegetables.

  • Rabbit:Grilled rabbit cooked in red wine. Served with blanched vegetables and cream sauce.

  • Moroccan Lamb:Lamb mince cooked in tomato sauce with paprika, beans, carrots,onions.Served whit couscous, fresh tomatoes and herbs.

  • Grilled Lamb:Lamb marinated in red wine. Cooked with red onion and garlic from grill. Served with rice, fresh salad and tzatziki sauce.

  • Lamb Ribs:Chopped ribs marinated in basil pesto and cooked on the grill.Served with potato cream cake, cherry sauce on the side.

  • Mashed Potato and Apple:Baked lamb sausages and apple, served with mashed potato and red peppercorn sauce.

  • Lamb Pilaf:Fried meat, onions, carrots cooked with rice, dried fruits,whole garlic.Served with fresh salad and coriander.

  • Lamb with Asparagus:Grilled lamb shanks cooked in red wine with onions and garlic.Served with mint mashed potato, grilled asparagus and red wine sauce.

  • Fruit and Lamb:Diced lamb fillet, cooked with dried apricot, sultanas, cinnamon pot and fresh white onion.Served with sweet potato and fresh parsley.

  • Fillet Pistachio:Grilled lamb fillet,topped with mustard and pistachio.Served with baked potato,cherry tomato and red wine sauce.

  • Guinness Beef:Beef fillet boiled in Guinness beer with fried bacon, onions and mushrooms.Served in puff pastry basket with herb,filled tomato and cucumber.

  • Beef Fillet:Beef fillet wrapped in bacon then cooked on the grill. Served with vanilla mashed potato, boiled vegetables and red wine sauce.Topped fresh oregano.

  • Beef Ravioli:Hand-made pastry and beef vegetables mix cooked on the steam.Served with grilled vegetables,mustard sauce,chives.

  • Pork in Honey:Marinated pork fillet cooked on the grill with honey, garlic and soya sauce.Served with mushrooms and onions mashed potato, boiled vegetables and cream sauce with red wine.

  • Forest Pork:Forest boar fried with carrots, shallots, garlic, celery, cloves and boiled in red wine.Served with boiled potato topped herb olive oil.

  • Sea Food Risotto:Risotto rice fried in butter and boiled in white wine, cooked with shrimps, salmon and cream.Served with lemon peel, Parmesan cheese,strawberry,grilled decoration of king Prums.

  • Salmon and Parmesan:Baked salmon, with white pepper, red onion and Parmesan cheese.Served with roasted vegetables, baked garlic potato and cream sauce.

  • Grilled Eal:Fish cooked on the grill and boiled in lemon herb broth. Served with boiled baby potatoes, french beans, butter sauce and grilled fennel.

  • Lobsters:Lobster cooked on the grill in chive oil.Finished on the stove with butter, garlic, shallot purée and water. Served with garlic mashed potato, parsley,sweet corn.

  • Tuna Stake:Grilled tuna fish steak coat in sesame seeds and cooked. Served with beetroot gnocchi, butter, orange sauce, grilled cheese and vegetables.

  • Mushroom Risotto:Three type of mushrooms fried in butter with shallot onions, cream, smoked chicken. Topped with Tête de Moine cheese rose and herbs.

  • Spanish paella - the national Spanish (Valencia) dish of rice,tinted with saffron.Includes:shrimps, chicken, parma ham, onions, chilli peppers, pineapple, garlic, white wine.Served with aioli saffron sauce.

  • Whole baby pork:stuffed with grilled vegetables.

  • Chicken stew:chicken, curry, chili, coconut milk, cream, fresh coriander, fresh bananas, served with basmati rice and boiled vegetables

  • Cheese bread  filled  with cheese ,meat or steam fish bread dish ( yeast or puff pastry.

  • Pork fillet roll, stuffed with julienne  vegetables courgettes and paprika.Served with champignon sauce, baked potato and butter from fresh spring onions.


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